Install McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator 5.0

created by , 20. 02. 2014

This tutorial will guide you throu installation of Mcafee ePolicy Orchestrator 5.0.

  • 1
    Start of installation

    After starting an installation you will see following window. We are now installing a brand new installation, so leave that checkbox unchecked. Checkbox Restore ePO from an existing database snapshot is very useful when you need to recover from disaster. 

  • 2

    Choose desired setup type. Express type will do almost everything for you automatically (including installation of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express Edition). Choose Custom and click on Next button.

  • 3

    Choose what type of database do you want to use. We will choose Microsoft SQL Server.

  • 4

    ePolicy Orchestrator needs some additional software to be installed. This page shows you what other software will be installed during this installation. Click on Next button.

  • 5

    Choose destination installation folder.

  • 6

    Enter name of database server and database server credentials. You may obtain these data from your database administrator. Account used here must have the right to create new database on mentioned database server.

  • 7

    Choose what ports will be used by your McAfee ePO environment. For detailed information about each port, consult documentation of ePolicy Orchestrator. Choose these ports carefully, some of them cannot be changed after installation.

  • 8

    We are going to create and administrator account. If you want, you may change default username - admin. Enter password for an administrator account and Keystore Encryption Passphrase. Make sure you will not forget any of these.

  • 9

    Enter your license key. You may obtain it when you log into McAfee download portal using your grant number. If you do not have a license key, choose Evaluation.

  • 10

    Read Mcafee End User License Agreement. To continue, you have to choose I accept the terms of the license agreement.

  • 11

    Installation wizzard now has all information needed for installation. You have now an option to review or change any of your installation settings by clicking on Back button. If you want to help McAfee to improve its products and services, you may check Allow McAfee to collect system and software telemetry data. If you are ready to start your installation, click Install.

  • 12

    Wait while installation is finished. It may take several minutes. When you can see window like this, McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator was successfully installed. Check Yes, I want to launch McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator now if you want to start ePO console after clicking Finish.


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