Map NTFS partition to a folder in Windows

created by , 20. 03. 2013

This tutorial shows you simple steps how to map a NTFS partition to an empty folder. This can be useful in following situations:

  • you are out of space on some drive
  • you don't want to create another drive letter
  • you don't want (or you are unable) to resize existing partition
  • you use some legacy software that needs to store large data for example on C: drive, and your C: does not have enough capacity
  • and many more...

In adition, this partition may have assigned also a letter.

This procedure should work also on Windows 2008 and Windows 2012, but screenshots are from Windows 7.

Inputs / Conditions / Prerequisites
  • 1

    Open Computer Management (Start ->Administrative Tools -> Computer Management). 

    Computer Management

  • 2

    Click on Disk Management in left tree. You'll see a list of all your partitions in main pane.Right click on partition you want to map to a folder and choose Change Drive Letter and Paths... option.

    Disk Management

  • 3


    A Change Drive Letter and Paths for window opens. You will see a list of drive letters and paths that are used to access selected volume. Click Add... to add another path.

    Change Drive Letter and Paths for ...

  • 4

    Make sure that Mount in the following empty NTFS folder option is selected. Click on Browse... button.

    Add Drive Letter or Path

  • 5

    Browse for an empty folder that will contain data from selected partition. If needed, create new folder using New Folder... button. Click OK when finished.

    Browse for Drive Path

  • 6

    Now you are finished. Open Windows Explorer and navigate to folder that you have used to access data on selected partition. Notice that an icon for that folder has changed and you can see a size of that "folder". Now you can access that partition like any other folder.

    mapped volume to folder


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