Install VirtualBox on Windows machine

created by , 16. 02. 2016

This tutorial will guide you through basic installation of VirtualBox. You may also read official documentation about installing VirtualBox at

Inputs / Conditions / Prerequisites
  • 1

    Navigate to and download install package for current version. We will install version 5.0.14.

  • 2

    Run install package. Click Next to continue installation.

  • 3

    Choose features you want to be installed. If you are unsure, leave default selection. If you want, you can change install path.

  • 4

    Choose, if you want these options to be enabled:

    • [x] Create a shortcut on the desktop
    • [x] Create a shortcut in the Quick Launch Bar
    • [x] Register file associations

    Again – if you are unsure, leave default values.

  • 5

    Read carefully that warning! If you have active any important network connections, these connections might be closed (e.g. downloading of large file might get interrupted, you may need to reestablish VPN connection, you may get disconnected from server if you are installing VirtualBox on remote server (e.g. via RDP protocol),… ). So continue (click Yes) only if you have no important connection active or you are prepared to deal with that situation.

  • 6

    VirtualBox is now ready to be installed. Click Install if you want to install VirtualBox now. After clicking Install, connection mentioned in previous step might get interrupted.

  • 7

    Please wait while Setup installs Oracle VM VirtualBox.

  • 8

    During installation you may be asked to install some drivers from Oracle. Make sure drivers are from Oracle – and if you trust them, click Install. During installation you may by asked to install following drivers:

  • 9

    Installation is now completed. If you want to start VirtualBox right after installation, leave that checkbox checked.


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